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Chihuahua, a Mexican Desert City With a Few ‘Street Art’ Blooms

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Mil Amores. Chihuahua, Mexico. Centropolis Art Festival 2014. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Mil Amores. Chihuahua, Mexico. Centropolis Art Festival 2014. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Brooklyn Street Art publica el día de hoy:

“Chihuahua is like one big ranch,” says a local reporter who guides you around this desert city known for beef, cheese, sotol, cowboy boots… and a growing middle class – thanks to the hundred plus multinational maquiladoras operating here with a focus on aerospace, medical equipment, and automobile manufacturing.

The “ranch” metaphor is meant to be welcoming, but it also lets you know that this city of nearly a million can still feel like a small town. This is the capital of Mexico’s largest state, which goes by the same name. And yes, the diminutive and scrappy dog originated here – as did Pancho Villa, and you can visit his homestead if you like.

It’s not the typical city where you might expect to find Street Art, yet only a few blocks from the government palace downtown that holds two stories of wall paintings by Mexican muralist Aarón Piña Mora, you will find new paintings in the dusty side streets that indicate a more international flavor is present.

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  1. Este artículo también se encuentra en The Huffington Post.
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